Two young drifters dreaming of the future meet in London. Koffee, a West African, has spent most of his life on the run. Fanny, a French girl, has a troubled past and dreams of finding Quentin Tarantino to kick start her acting career. They both decide to go to America and make a fresh start.

Koffee comes under pressure to take part in motorcycle heist in return for a stolen passport and his freedom. After the heist goes wrong, Koffee escapes to the beach with some stolen jewellery and a gun. Fanny goes with him, not knowing about his part in the robbery. 

At the beach, they get to know each other over a few days while Fanny decides if they are in love and will go to America together. Koffee knows he may only have a few days of freedom left before the events of the robbery catch up with him. 


He chooses to spend them living just how we wants, and this means being with Fanny - whatever the cost.



Big stories for a global audience

Starcross Entertainment is the new venture from Ben Bond and Ben Thompson. Bond and Thompson have teamed up with LA exec Amon Zia Mahmud and Blackstone financier Rafic Said to develop a slate of films and TV for international distribution. The Starcross slate is focused on English language stories in international settings aimed at a diverse global audience. 



The Drifters is the debut feature film from writer / director Ben Bond (Skins, Killing Bono). It received its World Premiere with official selection at the 43rd Mostra in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has since gone on to delight audiences and critics around the world. A quartet of rising stars head the cast: Lucie Bourdeu (Kings For A Day), Jonathan Ajayi (Noughts and Crosses, Wonder Woman ‘84), Tom Sweet (Childhood Of A Leader) and Ariyon Bakare (Star Wars: Rogue One, His Dark Materials).


The film is produced by Starcross Entertainment’s Iona Sweeney with Theresa Larche as co-producer. Executive producers are recent Screen Future Leader Andy Brunskill, Starcross’s Rafic Said, Amon Zia Mahmud and Ben Thompson, Creative England’s Paul Ashton and also Elinor Day. Creative England and the BFI backed the project’s development. The Drifters shot on location in London and Devon, in the UK.